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A Trauma and Dissociation Expert - Licensed Psychotherapist 
The perfect combination to help you claim your life and THRIVE.


Susanne Mealer, LCSW

I’m Susanne Mealer, my true passion is helping people who have suffered any form of trauma and/or dysfunction in their life at any age in the most dignified and effective way possible so they can live thriving lives. I use techniques that allow for revisiting as opposed to reliving difficult experiences which provides rapid results, emotional freedom, healing, and personal empowerment. I have spent years helping people transform their lives and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.




I am a Licensed Psychotherapist, Trauma and Dissociation Expert, Certified Hypnotherapist and author.  I am naturally curious and an explorer, fitness enthusiast, and am a huge dog lover. And let's not forget travel!​

Having worked both at the intensive in-patient and out-patient level of care, I have years of experience in working with clients who are dealing with issues related to trauma, abuse, PTSD, dissociation (including DID), anxiety, fears,  phobias, emotional issues and depression. I have unique experience in issues related to law enforcement, fire fighters, other first responders and the military.  My specializations, my own healing and journey of immigrating independently to the United States from Denmark at the young age of 20, and my experience of running a successful business has given me great insight into both life and business/career challenges.

Currently, I serve clients in my private practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and pride myself in being an out of the box type of thinker and therapist.  My toolbox is eclectic and I utilize Rapid Reduction Therapy® (RRT) and Incorporation Therapy as well as hypnotherapy (when appropriate) to name a few (see Therapeutic Solutions for more information). Providing a safe, caring, supportive but structured place for my clients to address what they are struggling with is very important to me.  My job as a therapist is to work with you as a team. Together, we come up with the best approach and solutions for you.  We are all unique and I believe that no one approach fits everyone, you deserve to be treated as the unique individual you are.

Experience at a glance:

  • Intensive In-patient Women’s Trauma Program - Assistant Director, Clinical Coordinator, Primary Therapist (trauma, dissociation, anxiety, depression...)

  • Neurology Practice – Director of Mental Health Services (pain management, depression, grief/loss, trauma, anxiety…)

  • Acute In-Patient Hospital (Therapist, individual and group)

  • Oncology (Therapist, individual and group)

  • Certified RRT (Rapid Reduction Technique) and Incorporation Therapy facilitator & instructor

  • Hypnotherapist

  • Qualified Supervisor for Registered Clinical Interns and MSW Students

  • International Presenter & Speaker

  • Best Selling Author

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master



I believe that to achieve what you truly want in your life, relationships, health, and work in the world, you must look at the bigger picture both inside and outside of your entire self – mind, body and spirit/soul.

In order to create lasting change and personal and emotional freedom you can't just do the intellectual conscious work, you must also get to the unconscious programs that are running in the background and essentially running your life. It is also important to free up the accumulated stagnant energy associated with everything you have been through in life (big or small) that is stuck in your energy field and physical being.

Finally, the more you know about YOU the more you will get out of life and the easier it will be to achieve your potential and live a life of purpose and passion.

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