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Imagine having the life you want where you thrive and feel like YOU are in control!

Don't Just Survive...   Heal, Grow & Thrive

When dealing with anxiety, depression, flashbacks/intrusive thoughts about the past, aches and pains, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, difficulty sleeping or other symptoms, just getting through the day can be extremely challenging.  It mostly feels like you are just barely existing, not really living. Surely you have tried many things by now, yet you haven’t found the relief and the solution you need. Simply put, it is hard to function and live the life you want.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live a life without intrusive anxiety, self-sabotage, to find the motivation to do the things you want, manage stressors, have restful sleep and be free of flashbacks/intrusive thoughts and all your other symptoms?

I believe in YOU and can help!


Having spent years working with people just like you, my expertise with trauma in combination with highly effective treatment approaches can be the solution for you if you want to heal, grow and thrive. In working together, you can become a thriver and claim your life. Let me join you on this journey.

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A.M. - Fort Lauderdale

"I was suffering from daily intense back pain for a long time, thinking there was no solution.  Susanne helped me uncover hidden beliefs causing the pain and put them behind me. She has opened my eyes to a new world and it was so fast! Working on myself with Susanne has helped me uncover and address roadblocks in my life that not only relieved physical and emotional pain, it has also helped make positive changes for good."

D.P. - Cooper City, Fl

“I came to Susanne and was amazed at how fast she was able to help me, especially with my anxiety. My anxiety dropped significantly and I no longer have the severe panic attacks that were impacting my daily life.  Susanne is a beautiful soul, caring, compassionate and truly invested in helping you overcome anything.”

C.C. - Fl

"I had been in therapy for many years before being referred to Susanne. From the first appointment I knew Susanne was my chance at living the life I wanted.

Susanne’s incredible talent lies in her ability to truly listen to you and to help you identify the source of the pain. Most importantly though, Susanne accompanies you on your journey, even if it means traveling the deepest darkest paths never wavering and ultimately guiding you on the path to self-healing, all in your time.

Susanne has helped me to experience a personal growth that for me was unimaginable. For over 30 years I had been locked in my traumatic past and thought I was reaching a point of no return."


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